Webstorm0103 Only in Southern California do you get the high-quality illustrations of how storms develop. We’ll see what happens (what really happens) over the next few days here in SoCal.  It’s a little bit like life in South Florida during hurricane season.  Long lines at the Home Depot buying prefab gutters.  Long lines at the grocery stores buying supplies for the weekend.  How do I know?  I’ve been putting up my own section of prefab gutter!  I’m an expert.  In the fall of 2004 (last time we had big rain) I put up a gutter in the rain to keep a leak in the dining room down to a trickle.  This time…I put it up before the rain.  Of course, my tried-and-true theory about home improvement was dead on once again.  Here’s the theory: You’ll never go only once to Home Depot for a project.  It will be at least three trips.  And that’s if you don’t really finish it off well.  Dohhhhhh!

RAIN! Could This Be The Endtimes?