If you’re around me for any time at all you’ll find out that I love to learn from all fields.  If you look at my library, it’ll jump out right away.  I really believe that if you’re not reading broadly…and especially if you’re not reading and listening in the business/leadership sector…you’re toast.  If you’re not taking a look at 800-CEO-READ, Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki and Mavericks at Work (among many others)…you’re just missing out.

These blogs…and there are a lot of others…are a regular source of ideas, new books, podcasts, and more that are direct connections to what’s coming (or what’s already here).  Like this talk by Randy Pausch a professor at Carnegie Mellon,
known for his sabbatical work at Disney, creation of the program Alice
and work with Google, was one of the recent lecturers at CM. The "last"
part of the lecture is unique for Randy as he is fighting a deadly
pancreatic cancer (this is the intro from 800-CEO-READ).

Let me say it this way…if we don’t listen to what’s happening in the world, how can we feel like we have anything to say?  Really.  Want to play?  You can start right here.  

Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
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