What happens when the thing your organization is really good at…no longer matters?  You know, when what put you at the top of the charts no longer is in demand?  Or maybe it still is but it’s not exactly what people want anymore?

What happens?  Do you just keep on keeping on?  Maybe because you’ve invested in the scaffolding that holds it in place?

What do you do?  Maybe it’s even the thing you are known for…but if you really look under the hood you can see the signs that it just isn’t working any more?

I love this paragraph from Chief Culture Officer by Grant McCracken.  He’s describing the season when Coca Cola passed on developing non-carbonated drinks.  After all, they no doubt thought, we’re Coca Cola!  We are all about carbonated!

“The Coca Cola Company had a hard time grasping the significance of branded water and non-carbonated soft drinks, even when the evidence was piling up around it.  The Coca Cola Company was very good at making Coke.  It wanted to keep making Coke (p. 106, Chief Culture Officer).”

Got something you’re really good at making or doing?  Want to keep making it even though sales are dipping?  Even though the signs are everywhere that the times have changed?

Red Alert: When You’re Good at the Wrong Thing