First the big decision: Are your customers the people who have already said, "Yes."  Or are your customers the people who haven’t yet said "yes" but might?  See, for many of us, we’ve got the existing group but we really want to reach the customers who have not yet said "yes."  Make sense?  So our question might be, "How do we reduce the risk of trying what we offer for potential customers?"

Think about what Steve Jobs (Apple founder) said in a recent interview when asked about the Apple Store strategy:

It was very simple. The Mac faithful will drive to a destination,
right? They’ll drive somewhere special just to do that. But people who
own Windows – we want to convert them to Mac. They will not drive
somewhere special. They don’t think they want a Mac. They will not take
the risk of a 20-minute drive in case they don’t like it.

But if
we put our store in a mall or on a street that they’re walking by, and
we reduce that risk from a 20-minute drive to 20 footsteps, then
they’re more likely to go in because there’s really no risk. So we
decided to put our stores in high-traffic locations. And it works.

Can you hear what he said?  "It was very simple.  Our existing customers will drive to a destination.  But the people who own windows…our potential customers…

You can read the whole interview right here.

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Reducing the Risk for Potential Customers