What will it take to begin to really have an impact, to move from just "benchmarking competitors" to actually redefining the focus?  I love this line from Blue Ocean Strategy: "To fundamentally shift (the effectiveness of your organization) you must begin by reorienting your strategic focus from competitors to alternatives and from customers to noncustomers."

Think about those two stratigic shifts:  (1) from competitors to alternatives and, (2) from customers to noncustomers.  I’m thinking this is a big, big realization.  What if instead of just offering bigger and better versions of what the other churches in our cities were doing we really looked at alternatives that might more exactly meet a need we could meet?  What if we shifted our focus from our current customers (or swapping customers with other churches) and began to focus our attention on people who were not yet customers?

Think that would make a difference?


Reorienting Strategic Focus