Had a chance last weekend to read Hugh MacLeod’s latest, Evil Plans: Having Fun on the Road to World Domination.  If you caught his first book, Ignore Everybody, you know already this is certain to be a fun and perversely inspirational read.

MacLeod, an A list blogger at Gapingvoid, first made his name with “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards.”  He’s definitely one of the most interesting characters in the world of marketing,   Along with MacLeod’s customarily insightful and slightly off-kilter observations about how to unify work and love, Evil Plans provides an interesting retrospective on his wild ride of a career.

What I’ve always really loved about MacLeod’s unique combination of cartoon and writing is characteristically evident in Evil Plans.  There’s no shortage of sarcasm.  Wit is in abundant supply.  And there’s enough actual how-to to make it fun and very practical.

If you’re at all interested in carving out a niche where you control your own destiny and actually do what you love…this is a book that ought to be in your stack.  It’s not a tough read.  You’ll find yourself smiling, probably shaking your head acknowledging that it takes all kinds, and maybe starting to work on your own evil plan.  I’m up for world domination…how about you?

Review: Evil Plans