Feel stuck?  Looking for a way to renovate some aspect of your life?  Jolt: Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing by Phil Cooke might be just the ticket.  One of those rare books that’s both an easy read and a challenging personal change roadmap, Jolt could turn out to be the inspiration you need to take some important next steps.

If you’re familiar with Cooke’s previous book, Branding Faith: Why Some Churches and Nonprofits Impact Culture and Others Don’t or his work as a Hollywood producer, you might wonder about his credentials for a book on personal change.  I think once you’re into Jolt you’ll find yourself repeatedly caught up in the combination of personal stories and life-change anecdotes that fill the book.

The book is organized in a way that’s very conducive to guiding a personal makeover.  Each of the five sections has 5 chapters and each chapter is designed to provide practical steps that will help you move from where you are to where you want to be; to jolt some key areas of your life (overall direction, priorities and habits, personal growth, motivation and accountability, future and legacy).

I found particularly helpful the set of questions at the end of each section.  In what can be a kind of checklist or summary, these questions provide a set of takeaway assignments that can push you further in a new direction.

This really is the kind of book you’ll find yourself breezing through and then being suddenly stopped by a bullet point or an idea that just pops out on the page.  It’s not hard reading; in fact, Cooke’s objective was not a “complex business book filled with jargon, diagrams and intricate strategy that only a PhD could understand (p. xix).”  Instead, it’s about “navigating changes in the world that will result in a new perspective on living, a better understanding of the world around you, the ability to recognize new opportunities, and a stronger vision for the future (p. xxv).”

Need to make some changes?  I think you’ll find Jolt a helpful source of inspiration and practical next steps.

Review | Jolt: Get the Jump on a World That’s Constantly Changing