Yesterday I posted a link to a great video from TED.  Don’t worry, I’d never heard about it either.  But this is quite a gathering.  An annual gathering.  If you haven’t checked yesterday’s post and watched the Sir Ken Robinson video, you really need to.  Very, very good.

The cool thing about TED is that it is quite a collection of speakers.  Really great.  You know it’s a gathering when you’ve got Al Gore and Rick Warren on the same program.  Now here’s the thing.  First watch the Robinson video.  Then, you have got to check out Rick Warren at TED.  And while you’re watching it, just know that the attenders at TED paid a lot to hear this amazing collection of speakers.  How much?  In 2007 they’ll pay $4400.  Think about it.  And watch the video.  Cool.

Rick Warren at TED