They’re ALMOST everywhere.  Sacred cows.  Most of us have at least one or two.  Some of us even have special sacred cow crossings complete with warning signs.  Try as we might though, those cows can be tough to kill off.  The biggest challenge seems to be the persistence of their high priests.  You know ’em.  The ones who get paid to do whatever is now only a holdover from an earlier time.

This great insight about the sacred "cowness" of newspaper stock tables over on Seth’s blog got me thinking again about things like church newsletters… 

I love this line in particular:  "Every organization is filled with vestigal activities, sacred cows that feel as though they must be defended. We defend them at our peril… do it too long, and the whole thing is gone."  Read the whole post here.

If church newsletters have the relevance of a newspaper stock table (or even the classifieds) what would it take to have the kind of honest conversation that would bring the powers that be to make a move?  And then what would it take to actually take the initiative to move?


Sacred Cows and Stock Tables