What do you think about building a consulting practice around the idea of "satisfaction guaranteed"?  Over on David Maister’s blog (Strategy and the Fat Smoker) he had a post this week about providing a promise on your website that makes this promise:

If you’re interested in seeing whether we are right for you
and your team, try us on a
. What separates us from our competitors is that you have our value promise
on every invoice. If you don’t think we’re worth the amount you agreed to pay,
you make whatever adjustment you think is necessary. If your other firms don’t
walk that walk, it’s time to try Valorem.

Interesting…don’t you think?  Will Mancini (Church Unique) makes a similar promise.  I’m thinking that would be a good thing to do.  What do you think?  Would it work for me?

Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Hi, Mark,
    Have been super-busy with client work and haven’t visited Davids’ blog this week (very unusual). And still haven’t checked out the post.
    But here’s the thing: For 20 years, we have included a “satisfaction guaranteed” line in our contracts. Once the desired results are agreed, we only ask that we be given a chance to rectify a situation that isn’t going according to the contract. If we aren’t able to shift gears, we return the payments to-date. Period.
    We have never had to return a payment in 20 years.
    Why not? Because we know we’re accountable and have made a promise with a serious consequence if unkept.
    Why not guarantee satisfaction??!!
    BTW: All contracts include what is required on the client side to generate the results, too.

  • Steve, that is really helpful to have someone come on and talk about a real life example of the concept! I’m going to take a step in this direction. It must be a great feeling to have this working for you!