Think a satisfied customer is all you need?  Not hardly.  According to a multitude of studies customer satisfaction "is the cost of entry.  It will not differentiate the good from the great (Human Sigma, p. 137)."  But the question is, "What’s happening in your organization?"  Are you set up to generate "beyond satisfaction results"?

The reality for many of us?  We’re too busy getting through our normal routine to worry about anything beyond satisfaction.  Delighting the customer?  Not happening.  So what happens if you are simply focused on satisfying your customer?  According to Fleming and Asplund, "Focusing on creating satisfied customers is a one-way ticket to mediocrity (p. 137)."

Interesting?  How about scary.  The question we might all need to be asking is, "What am I doing to move beyond satisfaction?"

Here’s the kicker:  The same findings are true of employees.  Call them what you will (employees, associates, team members, etc.) simply giving them a satisfactory experience is not enough.  Helping them move into the next category is the goal.

So…what are you doing in your organization to move beyond satisfaction?

Satisfying Customers Is Not Enough
  • Totally agree — satisfying a customer is NOT enough.
    Just wrote my own “satisfaction is not enough” post yesterday.
    Great minds….right?
    Keep creating…more than satisfaction,