The image is a great one.  Imagine setting up shop today to sell Walkmans (for those of us under 30, that was a Sony product that was the iPod of its day…20 years ago) next door to an Apple store.  It would be pretty comical.  It would be very futile.  And yet, many of us are already doing that in whatever business our organization is doing.

Recently, John Jantsch over at Duct Tape Marketing wrote about this idea over at the American Express Open Forum.  He compared the two realities in this example:

Traditional medical practice

Walkman – you make an appointment through your insurance company,
mountain of paperwork, doctor makes you wait 30 minutes past
appointment time, doctor pretends to listen, discounts treatment
options you’ve found on Internet as a hoax, prescribes several
medications to treat symptoms without any discussion about prevention
diet or exercise.

Neighborhood clinic

iPod – same day appointment, paperwork online, massage therapy and
green tea while you wait, appointment on time, discussion about overall
health, encouraged to explore combination of traditional medicine and
alternative therapies.

Sound at all familiar?  We might want to take a stroll through our organizations today and just jot down the things we're doing that have the effect of selling Walkmans in an iPod world. 

Thanks to Kem Meyer for the link to the original post!

Selling Walkmans in an iPod World