Don’t know if you’re down with Seth Godin or not…but if you’re at all responsible for marketing on your team you need to know who he is.  Tripped across this short video over on the Greater Talent site.  Really a good example of the kind of writing and presentation that he does.

An early addition to my marketing library was Seth’s Unleashing the Idea Virus.  If you haven’t checked this one out, you really need to take a look at it.  A lot of the strategies we’re relying on to promote our product is actually out of date.  Take a look at Unleashing the Idea Virus to get some help in moving to what is working more effectively.

Thanks to Presentation Zen for the link to the video!  And by the way, Garr’s blog is a great one to include in your Bloglines or whatever reader you’re using.  If you ever do presentations you can get some great ideas from Presentation Zen.

Seth Godin on Must See TV