One of the resources mentioned in Peak is Shrinking Core, Expanding Periphery: The Relational Architecture of High-Performing Organizations, an article from the by Ranjay Gulati and David Kletter.  Downloaded it today…a few pages in…already well worth the investment of $6.95.  Really good stuff.

Key concept?  Organizations are shrinking their cores by "increasing focus on fewer activities while outsourcing the remainder to strategic partners."  At the same "top performing firms are expanding their horizons by trying to provide customers with greater sets of products and services, many of which come through partnerships with other firms and are bundled together into what are loosely called customer solutions."

Make sense?  Can you see how this fits with so much that we’ve talked about here at StrategyCentral?  Think about the idea of narrowing your focus.  Perfect example of trimming what you do to the small set of things that you are the best at doing.

Might be a good idea to download a copy yourself!  You can get started by clicking here.

Shrinking Core, Expanding Periphery