six_pixelsMy copy of Six Pixels of Separation worked itself to the top of the stack today.  Written by Mitch Joel, President of Twist Image, Six Pixels is an absorbing look into the art and science of connecting online.  A take-off on the idea that we’re all separated by six degrees, the notion here is that with the digital revolution…the separation is reduced to six pixels.

What I immediately found appealing in Six Pixels is that Joel is no travel agent to the concept.  Instead, he comes across as a tour guide; someone who’s already been there and is now accompanying us on a guided tour into the world of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and websites.  A quick look at his engaging blog (also called Six Pixels of Separation) makes it clear that this is not new terrain but very familiar territory.

Packed with stories, both personal and anecdotal, this is a fascinating read.  On first glance it seemed pretty basic, really more of an overview for absolute newbies.  A few pages in I found myself folding down pages, starring bullet points and stopping to reread passages.  There’s a lot here.  Whether you’re new to this game or looking for insight into how to connect more effectively, this is a book you ought to pick up.

With chapters on “harnessing the power of online communities,” learning to pay attention to the pervasive qualities of the internet, the convergence between digital and real world encounters, and building your personal brand, Six Pixels is a fun read with some very practical takeaways.

How you absorb what’s here may depend on your depth of experience on the ‘net.  If you’ve spent time developing a blog or are a regular on Facebook or Twitter, you may find yourself skimming some chapters.  That’s okay!  There’s plenty here to catch the eye of even veterans of the digital world.  If, on the other hand, you’re new to creating your own content or participating in the online conversation, you’ll find Six Pixels of Separation to be a real page turner with plenty to chew on.  You can order your copy right here.

Six Pixels of Separation