Are people more likely to talk about what you’re doing if they’re satisfied…or delighted?  Okay, that’s a no-brainer.  How about this one: are they more likely to talk about it if they’re pleased or just a little disatisfied?

In an interesting post over on Seth’s blog he talks about how sneezers are born.  Seth Godin popularized the idea of a sneezer, an enthusiastic and vocal early adopter of a product or service.  In today’s post he asserts that sneezers are born when "when the early adopters are dissatisfied with some element of the experience. Pleasing customers doesn’t always lead to conversations. Delighting them, enraging them, hospitalizing them or surprising them–that’s how sneezers are born."

That’s a little counterintuitive.  If what they’ve experienced is just ok, there’s no need to tell anyone about it.  If there was something really dissatisfying…but maybe within the context of a bigger, cooler, experience…Seth’s saying that’s where sneezers begin sneezing.  If that’s true, what is it telling us?  It may be that trying to engineer perfection at the expense of the mystery or drama of a great try is like an antiseptic for sneezers.

What do you think?


Sneezer Antiseptic