One of the bloggers I check out regularly is David Armano over at Logic + Emotion.  Often a really good way of looking at things, maybe a little unexpected, but definitely will make you think.  Check out this diagram about the Stairway to Brand Heaven:

Interesting, don’t you think?  This is all about the way things work from the standpoint of brand value (whether you’re talking corporate or personal).  Want to build loyalty in your customer?  Building loyalty takes a lot of work.  Positive interactions are only the beginning.  Consistency and credibility are important steps along the way.  Authenticity and trust get you beyond credibility to the place where you’re actually building loyalty.

The truth?  Compromise on consistency or waste credibility on a half-hearted effort…and you take a few steps down the stairway.  Fudge a little on something or break trust even for an instant…and you may take a giant leap backwards and have to rebuild.  Want to build brand loyalty?  Where are you?

Stairway to Brand Heaven
  • Great post.
    Just as the book 5 dysfunctions of a team illustrates it all starts with trust. Failure to build you r brand authentically connecting to your market and its needs and you build a brand on sand that quickly and easily shifts, collapses as the environment changes.
    I believe the trust break when it occurred has a multiple separation affect verse one step as the picture illustrates. A brand no longer trusted experiences an exponential separation from its market.

  • Mark Howell

    Yes! I think you’re right. Maybe it’s a series of little steps backward. Depending on the break it might even be a huge drop off…like in the cartoons when all of a sudden the staircase flattens and becomes a slide!