Looking for a way to jiggle your organization out of the status quo?  How about this exercise from Turning the Future Into Revenue?  This will be a killer if you’re locked in a discussion about whether you’re actually keeping up with the times…or how quickly you’re becoming irrelevant.  Here’s how it works:

Spend some time pulling together a good snapshot of all the ways that the culture is changing around you.  Once you’ve determined the major ways that the world is changing around you, ask this question:

"Ten years from now, what do we look like, assuming that the external environment changes in the ways that we have forecast and imagined, while internally we make no fundamental changes?  What if we just keep doing what we do now?  Describe our enterprise at a future date if we maintain the status quo?" (p. 147-8)

Can you imagine that conversation?  Helpful?  Or frightening?

This is a great book.  You can order your own copy right here.

Status Quo Scenario Planning