How committed are you to your mission?  When you evaluate your organization do you find traces of previous compromise?  Maybe the remnants of earlier cave-ins where you allowed your better judgment to be swayed by a quick fix?

I devoured the first 87 pages of Mavericks at Work: Why the Most Original Minds in Business Win on my way to Austin today.  This is a great book!  So many good ideas and reminders of the stuff of great organizations.  Each section is followed by a series of "reminder" questions or statements designed to help you reinforce the main takeaways of the section.  Take a look at this question?

"Are you prepared to reject opportunities that offer short-term benefits but distract your organization from its long-term mission?"

So…are you?  Prepared to reject opportunities that distract your organization from its long-term mission?  That’s really quite a question!  It’s back to the Simple Church idea.  For all of us this is a critical step in the long march toward significance and effectiveness.  The frightening part?  It’s a daily question!  In order to stay focused on your mission you’ve got to be asking this question every day!  And while you’re at it, think about this from GSDM’s Roy Spence:

"The ‘invisible’ decisions that you make to stay on purpose can be ten times more important than your visible decisions.  Nothing is more difficult than saying no to an attractive opportunity.  And nothing’s more important."

Powerful isn’t it?  In order to make a difference, in order to really have impact, we’ll have to get really good at saying "no".  Are you there?

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