How do you make the decision to step into leadership?  Or do you?  Is it only a gift that some have?  And the rest are simply followers?  I’m really finding True North to be both compelling and disturbing at the same time.  Both in a good way!  Compelling because it asks some great questions.  Disturbing for the same reason!

A basic premise of the book is that "you can discover your authentic leadership right now."  And all of us have some of it in us.  Not just the super charismatic, hard-charging, type A people that we all naturally know as leaders.

So how do you know where you can begin to use that undiscovered leadership element?  The first step might be to identify an area that you really care about.  Then, in considering whether to step up and lead authentically, you need to ask yourself these two questions:

  • If not me, then who?
  • If not now, then when?

Interesting isn’t it?  You may already be there.  You may have already asked yourself questions like these.  But think about all of the people, on your team and others, that may need to be asked the question! 

Steps to Authentic Leadership