I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the power and benefits of forming strategic partnerships.  I know in our business the temptation or tendency is to add on a capability (program or service) in the effort to reach a larger audience, but I often wonder if that’s really the best way to go.  Could it be that we really ought to be looking for ways to access the expertise of other organizations that are already doing what we’re tempted to add and simply find a way to partner with them?

Complicated…I know.  But I really do wonder if when we’re looking over the landscape of our own organization we’d be better off simply trying to become fantastic in our own niche and find strategic partners in the next niche over or the one that we’re tempted to try and reach.  Very tough to know what to do.

If you’re thinking this way too, you may want to consider Peter Drucker’s advice on preparing for a strategic alliance.  In The Daily Drucker he suggests doing "two things that will improve [your] personal attractiveness as a strategic partner, such as reading a book about another business or culture or talking to an executive who has partnering expertise (March 26)."

What do you think?  Can you see it happening for you and your organization?

Strategic Partnerships