Sometimes I’m talking with people about my own blog and I realize that they don’t know what it means to subscribe to a blog.  They’ve seen the term, but they don’t know what it means or what a difference it could make.  Or even how easy it is to subscribe.

Here’s my best shot at an easy explanation for the value of subscription:

Does it cost anything?  No!!!  It’s free!

Why should I subscribe?  When you subscribe you’re notified when there is new content.

How do I subscribe?  There are two main ways to subscribe…and they’re both free!

  • You can use a "blog reader" like Bloglines, Newsgator, or My Yahoo.  Any of those allow you to easily add the rss feeds of all the blogs you’re checking out regularly.  Then, instead of bookmarking all your favorite blogs (and checking them one at a time), you can simply subscribe and only bookmark the "blog reader."
  • Or you can subscribe using a service like Feedblitz.  Feedblitz simply sends you an email any time StrategyCentral has new content.  Just enter your email below and hit "subscribe me!"

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