Great post today over on Church Marketing Sucks.  What place does technology have in the church?  Are we taking advantage of the tool?  Check it out!  Makes a lot of sense and has a link to the websites of the 100 fastest growing and largest churches in the nation.  Very interesting.


Technology and Churches
  • It’s funny when things on a blog converge and people don’t even notice…but we have taken the word “technology” and decided in the the flow of the blog that it only meant “web.” Then we talk about how the web must be positioned more for seekers but on the website for the blog a poll showed the vast, vast majority of seekers come to church because of the invitation of someone at that church! The web only had a miniscule role to play. I think we need to major on the majors. Let’s encourage, train, mentor, disciple our folks to fall in love with Jesus and then the invitations will happen organically–and guess what? They’ll be far more effective!
    On to the real technology issue…two critical things in churches drive work. But they are just tools. Sexy, sexy tools but they drive work: Money and Technolgy.
    If your church is going in a poor direction then money and tech is just going to drive it there faster. Mission, vision, and values must be agreed upon aligned and be supported by proper strategy and tactics–THEN apply money and tech. Usually you then see significant accerleration.
    Finally, in church, tech does not just equal web. We need to look at the whole organization and ask where tech can help us work smarter not harder. Or at least help free us up from “busy work” of admin, operations, and mundane HR issues so most of our focus and energies can be on people. The “real” work of the church is with people.
    Operational processes mapping, cost control technology, Activity Based Budgeting (where you measure your budgeting on the activity of your church not just on programs) are all technology that will help you see where limited valuable resources are being expended and you can actually measure that expenditure off of stated goals, values and mission to see if you are making progress.
    At my organization ( we help npo’s align around “SMART”
    How would your church do?
    Is your church “SMART?” Is technology being used and leveraged to support all those areas in a balanced way? Is is bigger than the web and word and excel?