Ok, once again, if you’re not using Bloglines to keep up with all your favorite blogs…you’re not spending your time wisely!  Bloglines lets you bookmark all the blogs you check out regularly in one place AND shows you when they’ve updated their content!  Why keep going back to look at something that hasn’t changed?  Maybe it’s even like a watched pot.  Maybe a watched blog never boils…err changes.

It’s easy to sign up for Bloglines…and it’s free.  To subscribe, just click my subscribe with Bloglines link in the upper right corner of this page!

Once you’ve signed up, check out Ten Bloglines Hacks over on Micro Persuasion, Steve Rubel’s great technology blog.  I just added Bloglines Mobile to my treo and it’s cool!  I can see what’s new right on the phone!


Ten Bloglines Hacks