Why is it so difficult for many organizations to learn to innovate?  It’s definitely a hot button.  We all want to do it.  But at the end of lots of days…it just doesn’t stick.  Why?  Maybe Gary Hamel has it right.  It’s just not in the DNA of some organizations.  And to begin to do it requires more than a commitment.  It actually might require gene therapy or an altered DNA.  Here’s what Hamel had to say in a recent interview over at The McKinsey Quarterly:

"For almost 20 years I’ve tried to help large companies innovate. And
despite a lot of successes along the way, I’ve often felt as if I were
trying to teach a dog to walk on his hind legs. Sure, if you get the
right people in the room, create the right incentives, and eliminate
the distractions, you can spur a lot of innovation. But the moment you
turn your back, the dog is on all fours again because it has quadruped
DNA, not biped DNA."

Classic.  Don’t you think?

The Challenge of Learning to Innovate