Where are you going?  Where is your organization going?  Does it feel like you’re actually moving?  Or do you look around and have the feeling that you’ve been right here, in this exact spot before? 

Carl George once said that "leaders allocate the finite resources to THE critical growth path."  Those 10 words are huge.  But there are some very significant pieces that must be understood.  First, it’s clear that you need leadership to make this decision.  Only a leader can.  Only a leader will.  All others waffle, hem and haw, and stall.  And not just any kind of leader.  This is one that is both pragmatic, strategic AND visionary.

The second piece that must be understood is that only a pragmatic, both feet on the floor leader says that we have finite resources.  They can have God-sized faith.  But are clear on the fact that resources are limited.

Which leads to the third aspect and that is the leader must be not only pragmatic but visionary at the same time.  Knowing that resources are limited doesn’t mean there isn’t a destination in mind.  There must be!  You have to be going somewhere.  And that leads to the fourth insight which is that there is a critical path that leads to the place you’re going.  And that is a very significant concept.  Can there be three critical growth paths?  I don’t think so.  Can there be two?  No.  A leader must be able to determine where we’re going and then allocate resources to the path that will get us there.   A miss on any of the four and you end up in a completely different place.  Or never taking the journey at all.


The Critical Growth Path