Fascinating post today over at Brand Autopsy.  The Relationship between Wal-Mart and Dell.  Wrestling with the sensibility of Wal-Mart’s attempt to sell Dell computers in their stores.  The essence of the connection (or according to John Moore, the dis-connect) is that "Wal-Mart is an “OR” company and DELL is an “AND” company."  Further, "Or" companies have a hard time aligning with "And" companies.  What does that mean?  This is a really interesting idea.  Check his reasoning out:

"When given the choice between offering low prices OR
high-customer service, Wal-Mart has chosen to offer low prices. On the
other hand, DELL has always answered this question differently. DELL
has purposely chosen to offer low prices AND offer high-customer service through its direct relationship model."

Now…why is this important to all of us?  To me it comes down to choices.   Strategic choices that determine outcomes.  How does it relate to your organization…and to mine?  We also get to choose what kind of organization we will be, and align our efforts accordingly.  And those strategic choices will determine what we can do.  Choosing a path and then hoping for different results is just crazy…but some organizations do it all the time.

The Difference Between Dell and Walmart