You’ve gotten the sense that your organization might not be humming on all cylinders.  You’re not even really sure what it is that got your attention.  But something, somewhere in the back of your mind, has gotten your attention.  Or maybe the attention of someone on your team that you respect.  And now that you’ve taken a first step toward greater awareness…the fun begins.

So you examine your organization as carefully as you can.  You look at the effectiveness of individual business units (depending on your business these might be departments or ministries).  Hopefully you get to the place where you look truthfully at whether you’re winning or losing.  You even might develop a tentative diagnosis.  And suddenly you’re in a really dangerous spot.  Why dangerous?  Two reasons.  First, taking the next step might be hazardous to your health.  Second, NOT taking the next absolutely will be hazardous to your health! But for many organizations there is a tendency to look the other way right at this spot.  Been there?

According to Peter Drucker, once you’re right here there remains one essential next step: "to re-examine the tentative diagnosis in the light of the marketing and knowledge analyses (Managing for Results)."  Unfortunately most of us stop just short of re-examining our earlier assumptions.  We go right on, stuck in the current trajectory…even though everything around us screams, "LOOK OUT!"

Ready for a change?  Be sure and re-examine your tentative diagnosis before proceeding.


The Essential Next Step