Gary Hamel’s newest is in the briefcase right now.  Interesting stuff.  I have to say I really enjoyed Leading the RevolutionThe Future of Management is off to a great start.  Already quite a few ideas that will lead to implementation.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for questions that will inspire a great discussion and lead to action.  How about this set as the framework for a series of off-sites:

  • What’s the "tomorrow problem" that you need to start working on right now?
  • What’s the frustrating "either/or" you’d like to turn into an "and"?
  • What’s the espoused ideal you’d like to turn into an embedded capability?
  • What’s the "can’t do" that needs to become a "can do"?

Let’s just say it this way, any one of these questions could turn into a great discussion that leads somewhere even better.  Ready for a read-along?  You can pick up your copy right here.

The Future of Management