Everyone has a core message.  Sometimes it's a very faint bleating sound.  Other times it's like U2 belting out Pride (In the name of love).  But…everyone has a core message.  Mine, at least in part, is the reality of the Inside-Outside Disconnect.  I first had a name for it when I read John Kotter's A Sense of Urgency.  It is essentially the idea that those on the inside become so preoccupied with their own comforts and "necessities" that they forget about the needs and interests of those on the outside.  In fact, they have a harder and harder time even acknowledging that the interests are different.  It just never comes up.

So…my last post, on Developing and Maintaining an Outside-In Perspective, is just a new manifestation of my core message.  There…I've diagnosed myself.

What's your core message?

The Inside-Outside Disconnect Challenges An Outside-In Approach
  • Mark, you’re like R2D2! You can run your own diagnostics! Grin

  • That’s me! R2D2!

  • Mark, I love your statement that insiders “have a harder time even acknowledging that the interests are different” from outsiders. Great insight. It reminds me of a quote from Andy Stanley, “Some of us have been in church for so long, we’ve forgotten what it’s like to never attend…most churches now being built are patterned after churches that already exist.” Good post!

  • Thanks Stephen! The Andy Stanley quote is right on target!