“What is StrategyCentral about and why don’t you just put this stuff over on MarkHowellLive.com?

It’s a fair question.  Actually a couple fair questions.  Here’s my thinking.  StrategyCentral is where I write about the intersection between strategy and purpose, but specifically it is my outlet to write about the ideas generated by the books I read in the areas of strategy and leadership, change management, customer-service, marketing, innovation, and design-thinking.

For the last 20 years I’ve been reading Tom Peters, Jim Collins, and Patrick Lencioni (along with millions of you).  But I’ve also been reading Peter Drucker, Jeffry Pfeffer and Robert Sutton, Bill Taylor, Gary Hamel and Peter Block.  In fact, I tend to read about 5 to 1 (maybe 10 to 1) business over ministry.  Why?  Because the intersection fascinates me.  The intersection between strategy and purpose.

One of my core convictions is that most ministries (and I include non-profits) have no idea that a vision ought to have a strategy designed to move the organization in the right direction.  I don’t remember where the idea came from…but I’ve had it for a long time.  A long time.  I do remember how struck I was by Tom Peter’s In Search of Excellence in 1987.  I was a seminary student at the time and have no idea why I bought that book.  I do know that today my book shelves are packed with ideas driven by the notion that strategy does matter.

StrategyCentral is where I write about the continuing journey.  If you share my passion for making a difference strategically…I invite you to come along.  You can sign up to get the update right here.  You’ll also find over 1,000 articles by checking out the categories or archives.

P.S. MarkHowellLive.com is where I write about my other passion: boundary-free small group ministry.

The Intersection Between Strategy and Purpose