Can you hold onto ideas that once worked…but no longer do and still be innovative?  According to Peter Drucker abandonment is the key to innovation.

"To call abandonment an opportunity may come as a surprise.  Yet planned, purposeful abandonment of the old and of the unrewarding is a prerequisite pursuit of the new and highly promising.  Above all, abandonment is the key to innovation–both because it frees the necessary resources and because it stimulates the search for the new that will replace the old (p. 33, Inside Drucker's Brain)."

Here's the problem.  Purposeful abandonment requires a willingness to act on conviction.  Having conviction is not enough.  Innovation requires abandonment and abandonment requires action.

What are you still resourcing that no longer fits the plan?  Think about the resources that could be free…if only you could act on that conviction.

The Key to Innovation