It’s always interesting to do a trackback on your own thought development.  Or at least try to do a trackback.  The season I spent at Fellowship of The Woodlands and the opportunity to help define the structure of the small group ministry was a great experience.  When I describe my work there I often refer to it as "carefully taking apart the existing structure (which would be fine in a small church) and reassembling it in a way that would work in a fast-growing, purpose-driven church.  A huge part in the reassembling was the selection of leadership that could take things to the next several levels…which is a euphemism for repositioning what was in place in favor of what needed to be.

So much of what I’m reading in The Daily Drucker : 366 Days of Insight and Motivation for Getting the Right Things Done is about this topic.  How do you choose leaders?  How do you determine the best role for the people who are already on the team?  What needs to happen in order to make the biggest difference, in the lives of the most people, for the longest period of time?

Another great source of thought development for me is Leadership Wired, John Maxwell’s monthly leadership development e-newsletter.  It’s free and always contains an interesting and helpful variety of content.  You can subscribe easily here.  In this month’s issue there is a good article about choosing leaders that examines what Maxwell calls "the law of the inner circle."  What is the law?  "Those closest to me will determine my level of success."  The article features 11 questions that Maxwell asks when trying to spot an emerging leader.  Here’s the article: Picking Potential Leaders.

As I’ve thought back over my Fellowship of The Woodlands days (and forward into my time here at SeaCoast Grace) I’ve realized that while some of the things that Maxwell identifies are included in my selection kit, I still have room for growth in my own leadership selection capability.

What about you?  Take a look at the article and let me know what you thinK!


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The Law of the Inner Circle