Last year I stumbled on the Green Apron book that Starbucks uses to talk values with their team.  Today I tripped across The Little Orange Book, The Geek Squad’s way of doing the same.  How about these 6 basic guides to great service?

1. Never violate the trust of my clients or disrespect their property.
2. Never say, “I don’t know. Instead, say “I’ll find out.”
3. Always understand that my clients’ time is more valuable than my own.
4. Assume every problem is my fault, unless proven otherwise.
5. Consider my job done only when my client is completely overwhelmed
with joy. And instead of assuming they’re happy, I’ll ask them.
6. Keep every promise I make. Including this one.

Want more on the Geek Squad and their zeal for great service?  You can find it over at the Mavericks at Work blog.

The Little Orange Book