We’ve all heard the great quote, "The main thing is to keep the main thing, the main thing!" 
The Power of Alignment
uses the idea of the main thing to give definition to the very core idea that you are pursuing.  And in the alignment effort you’ve got to know the business you’re in…and it needs to be crystal clear.  Fuzziness on this issue will make it impossible to align and without alignment your team can’t win.

So the question is, "Do you know what the main thing is for your whole operation?"  I don’t mean your part of the operation.  I mean the whole enchilada.

I think the challenge for most of us is that we’re only seeing our part.  If we’re leading a subset of the whole we may be frustrated at the overall confusion and lack of impact in the mother ship.  If we’re leading the mother ship we may not understand the significance of subset determination to go their own way.  Either way, without alignment it will be impossible to keep the main thing the main thing.

How can you get alignment on the whole thing?  I’ve got to tell you, chapter four of
The Power of Alignment
is worth the price of the book.  I’ll be back tomorrow with the breakdown on the basic prescription.

The Main Thing