Ever looked intently at your business, like you would at one of those Magic Eye images where if you really concentrate you might eventually see a whole layer that you didn’t see at first?  Those things are cool.  Fascinating to try and see what’s in there.  I’ve found it’s helpful to stand in a certain way, with no reflection or glare, and focus my eyes on just that image.  Those tactics enable a deeper look.  Suddenly the outline of a deeper image will begin to emerge.  It’s really sudden.  And then, there it is.

In some ways, those Magic Eye illustrations are a lot like trying to really understand the world of your customers.

I loved this line today from Managing for Results by Peter Drucker:

"The most important questions about a business are those that try to penetrate the real world of the consumer, the world in which the manufacturer and his products barely exist (p. 101)."

So much like a Magic Eye illustration, we often are only looking at the surface…our own reality…when what we need to be doing is looking much deeper, at the real world of our customers, the only place that matters to them.

How deep into that world do you think you’re looking?  What are you doing to enable a deeper look?  Or are you only seeing the image at the very surface?

The Most Important Questions