One of the greatest tools available on the web is 37 Signal’s new Backpack. If you’re not familiar with Backpack, you’re missing out on something so cool.  If you’ve already been using it you know what I’m talking about.

What do I use Backpack for?  I use it to keep track of all kinds of stuff.  I’ve got my GTD “someday/maybe” list on a page.  I’ve got a page called “Mark’s Life” where I keep all kinds of checklists and ideas.  I’ve got a page where I keep ideas for blog posts.  And I’ve got a page where I keep Lifetogether stuff together.

Best part?  Aside from the cool techy thing it is to have it, you’ve got to know that the basic version is free and easy to pick up.  And with the new version…well, it just got cooler!  You can check it out right here and then sign up right here.

The New Backpack