One of the featured resources at the Leadership Summit, Willow Creek’s huge annual confab for leaders, I heard about The Power of Full Engagement by Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz.  What a huge book!  And it is all about purpose!  For the next few days I’ll be highlighting what I’m learning.

First step in the plan is to define your purpose!  How perfect is that!  And I love the quote to launch the discussion: "The most compelling source of purpose is spiritual, the energy derived from connecting to deeply held values and a purpose beyone one’s self-interest.  Purpose creates a destination."  Or how about this one: "We become fully engaged only when we care deeply, when we feel that what we are doing really matters."

I want that!  How about you?  How does it happen?  "Purpose becomes a more powerful and enduring source of energy in our lives…when its source moves from negative to positive."  That’s big.  I have a positive source.  Do I focus on that?  Do you?  Or do I allow my thoughts and attention to be diverted by emotions like fear, anger or hatred?  What about you?

I want to positively focused on the purpose I have.



The Power of Full Engagement