While I was at Fellowship of The Woodlands we ran a very frequent membership class.  In the last year that I was there we averaged over 100 per class.  As part of our agenda we regularly asked how people had heard about us.  As a show of hands, we asked how many heard about us via a piece of direct mail.  There would be a couple out of a hundred.  How many saw the television ad?  Usually there be one, maybe two at most.  How many saw the billboard?  Zero or one.  How many were invited by a friend?  95 to 98.  It’s all word of mouth.

Here’s an interesting post over on Church of the Customer Blog.  Take a look.  If you’re depending on a direct mail strategy, or a newspaper ad…well, you’re toast.  So…what causes word of mouth to work?  A seriously good product.  Getting that is job one.

The Power of Word of Mouth