Picked up The Radical Leap : A Personal Lesson in Extreme Leadership by Steve Farber and read it on the plane last week.  It’s another one of the parable type books.  Similar in form to Patrick Lencioni or Ken Blanchard.  This one’s based on the idea that "the extreme leader consciously and intentionally cultivates love in order to generate boundless energy and inspire courageous audacity.  And he or she must provide the proof that it’s all been worthwhile: proof through the alignment between word and action; proof through the standing up for what’s right; proof through measurable, tangible signs of progress; proof through the experience of phenomenal success as well as glorious failure."

The acronym LEAP stands for those four key ideas:

  • Cultivate Love
  • Generate Energy
  • Inspire Audacity
  • Provide Proof

And I have to say I came away with a totally unexpected but very cool set of questions and exercises in the last chapter.  This could be the source for some great discussion in a team meeting.

I also discovered a new resource in Steve Farber’s blog. 

The Radical Leap
  • Farber’s book is very helpful.
    A more difficult book to read but one that will result in some very challenging questions is Peter Block’s book, The Answer to How Is Yes.
    Block suggest that our pragmatism is a blind alley when it comes to finding and fulfilling a meaningful vision for life.
    You might especially like his counters to our usual set of pragmatic questions.
    I see you studied in the DFW area. So did I, DTS escapee 1981 Th.M.
    Thanks for enlarging the conversation and thinking out loud for the rest of us.

  • Thanks for the book recommendation! I’ve heard that title but will have to pick it up!
    And thanks for joining the conversation!