There’s a great new post over on Seth’s blog today about the difference between what the masses want (or will settle for) and what either end of the bell curve will accept.  Very interesting and has plenty of huge implications for all of us.  His comments really make you think.  The basic idea is that although there is a fringe that craves and will only accept what is truly authentic (think ethnic food), there is also a much larger slice that wants what at least smells authentic and is a good experience.

Seth says that the authentic fringe "value intent, sometimes even more than we care about the results," while the masses "want both, that blissful combination of authenticity (even if it’s well faked, or especially if it’s well faked) and popularity."

Now, this has huge implications for all of us who are in the mission business.  There is so much here.  I’ll unpack it later.  Be sure and come back.


The “Smells Authentic” Masses