Isn’t it always tempting to put off those conversations, those actions that will be painful but will lead to change?  To say to yourself, "right now is not the best time."  "After this storm passes, then we’ll implement this move."  "This will make a huge difference…but it will be received better tomorrow."

Let me just say, "Dohhhhhhhhh!"  I’ve been there, too.  But I’ve learned that it just doesn’t help.  Erwin McManus says it well, "The only problems you will solve are the ones that you engage."  To be a good steward of the opportunity we need to act…not just think about it.

I love Scott Hodge’s post on the topic of fast change.  I really loved this section:

"Stop and think about all of the people in our community who might not have discovered a relationship with Christ had we tried a 5 or 6 year transition plan.  Not only would all of those people who left probably had left the church anyway at some point, but it would have taken that much longer to begin reaching new people."

I can only say, "that is the truth!"


The Speed of Change