How many of us really like to change?  Oh, maybe we have dreams or goals, but when it’s time to actually implement a new strategy that brings the pain of change…tomorrow often looks pretty good.

Good or bad, Walmart always brings change to every community they open up in.  It’s an understatement to say that not everyone is happy about the change!  Over on Tony Morgan’s Blog I picked up this great quote from Lee Scott, Walmart CEO: "The critics are the ones who simply want to maintain the status quo because change isn’t necessarily fun. Innovation and competition changes the status quo."  Why are they committed to bringing change to the communities they open up in?  BECAUSE THEY BELIEVE IN THEIR PRODUCT!!!  Is it easy?  No.  Is it comfortable for everyone?  No.  Are they committed to bringing it?  Yes.

Where am I going?  Here we are, bringing the most important change there is, and often we’re held back from necessary change because it will hurt the feelings of a few people who are pretty comfortable with what is already in place.


The Status Quo