As you know, here at Strategy Central we talk all the time about the need to be alert to changing times and being willing to look ahead for necessary changes in trajectory.  The foundation for almost everything we talk about is the willingness to do things differently.  And you’re probably in the camp.  Otherwise you probably wouldn’t be along for this ride.  But as you know…there’s sometimes a cost for that willingness.  It might a tangible cost.  Loss of a job.  A relationship that goes south.  Or it might be almost intangible.   The sense that you’re a little suspect on your team or in your organization.  Maybe your ideas are beginning to be discounted, but you don’t always catch the eyebrows raised or the eyes rolling.

See where I’m going?

Great interview over at Fortune with Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game and The Blind Side: Evolution of a Game.  You might never have even heard about his books.  But let me tempt you to check out the interview.  Here’s what Lewis had to say about doing things differently:

"The pressure’s always going to be to draw you back into doing things
the way everybody else does them. Doing things differently is
inherently threatening to people because if it works, it’s damning of
the way they’ve been doing things."

Obvious?  Yes.  But a great way of saying it!

I think you’ll find it an interesting interview.  To read it, just click right here.

Thanks to 800-CEO-Read for the link!

Bonus quote: "Whenever you see someone say, ‘I like to think outside the box,’ you
know that they are so deeply in the box that they’ll never get out."

The Threat Called ‘Doing Things Differently’