What are the key ingredients, the essential ingredients, of leadership?  According to Peter Drucker, "leadership involves the lifting of a person’s vision to higher sights, the raising of a person’s performance to a higher standard, and the building of a person’s personality beyond its normal limitations."  Think about the great leaders you have known.  Were those ingredients in the mix?  Did they help you imagine a bigger possibility?  Did they enable you to perform at a higher level?  Did you find yourself becoming a more complete person by following?

The real question may be about our own leadership capacity.  When we examine our own leadership efforts do we find ourselves wanting in these essential ingredients?  And if we do, is there a way to develop capacity in these areas?  I believe the answer is yes…but increased capacity comes as a result of hard work, discipline, diligence, and determined investment in others.  It won’t happen by accident.  It won’t happen by chance.  Becoming the leader we could be only happens when we’re willing to pay the price.

The Three Essential Ingredients of Leadership
  • You are right. Developing as a leader takes work and persistance. It is a life long process – we never “get there.”

  • It’s interesting to me that most of our development as a leader involves investment in others.

  • How to Grow Leadership abilities

    How does one grow up into a stronger leader?