Taking the opportunity to check out The Truth About You: Your Secret to Success, Marcus Buckingham's latest.  You've probably picked up Now, Discover Your Strengths and Go Put Your Strengths to Work.  If so, you've got to ask the question…how'd it work for you?  Did you figure out your strengths and then move forward at finding a job that was you?  Or are you still living in the world of wishing you had?

The Truth About You is a little different.  This one is a little more workbookish.  Complete with a DVD, this latest effort is shorter (just 110 pages) and more to the point.  Each chapter pushes you toward activities that are understandable, achievable, and doable in a week.

Me?  I think I know my strengths.  But right now is a great time to clarify and sharpen my understanding of where I really shine and feel satisfied.

The Truth About You