Just tripped across a very good post on The Two Most Important Words in Blogging over at copyblogger.com.  Really good.  I learned the importance of the word you quite a while ago.  It was actually a session at the Purpose Driven Church conference back in the late 80s that alerted me to the strategic nature of this very special word.  I love Brian Clark’s comment on this:

When it comes to writing engaging content, “you” is the most powerful word in the English language, because people are ultimately interested in fulfilling their own needs.

But if you is the starting point, the most important word, because is next in importance!  If there’s a reason you’re blogging or writing (i.e. maybe you’re a little cause-driven) be sure and check this post out because learning these most important words will make a difference in the way people hear you.


The Two Most Important Words in Blogging