Ever been to a Build a Bear?  They always looks very busy.  When you see a whole herd of pre-teen girls walking through the mall with their cub-condos they always are still buzzing with excitement.  After reading the Build a Bear chapter in Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force I’m thinking that I might need to experience it for myself!  Very cool.  And it makes me wonder what we could be applying on our own campus and in our programs.  There is totally a link with how things could be in our children’s programs.  What about in other areas?  Or even on our staff?

For instance, all employees spend three weeks at Bear University where classes impart The Way of the Bear.  Granted, we’re not big enough to have a dedicated three week class everytime we hire a new team member.  But could we initiate an annual or semi-annual culture innoculation that would give our whole team a shot of our own Way of the Coast?  I think we could!  And actually, I think that might be an ingredient that adds tremendous value to our whole team.  The Way of the Coast…what would be the program?  This has a lot of potential.


The Way of the Bear