Ok, you’ve been to the conference and taken great notes, had really good team debriefs, even talked at length with the presenters.  Now you’re ready to come home and implement the great practices that you picked up.  Been there?

The question is, what happened?  Let’s just say that most of us, most of the time, came home and if we got around to trying what we learned found out that it just didn’t come off the way we heard that it would.  Why do you think that happened?

I’m digging into The Knowing-Doing Gap and I’m already thinking this is going to be a good one.  Not because the knowledge is in there.  It is.  But because I’m hoping it will encourage some actual implementation.  For example, I loved this quote from chapter one:

"What is important is not so much what we do–the specific people management techniques and practices–buy why we do it–the underlying philosophy and view of people and the business that provides a foundation for the practices (p. 24)."

What it’s telling us is that in the companies that are successful at doing what they know to do there is a direct connection between the why and the what.

The Why Behind the What