There is a great new book by Phil Dusenberry called Then We Set His Hair on Fire.  It’s getting huge reviews, including these found at 800-CEO-READ in their September 28th post.  In fact, they’re calling it their MUST READ of the season.  That’s quite a recommendation!

I came across a really good excerpt from Dusenberry’s new book in the September Fast Company, called Bringing Good Insights to Life.  An advertising legend, Phil Dusenberry was the creative head of BBDO, developing the ad campaigns for GE, HBO, and Gillette.  I loved the excerpt.  Here’s my favorite line: "Every once in a while, a bold company is forced to bet it all on one huge initiative. Failing to place that bet means the end of growth and inevitable extinction."  Self-evident?  Maybe.  But there’s a lot of denial out there.

I’m going down to buy the book today!


Then We Set His Hair on Fire
  • Hey Mark,
    Thanks for the link to the article. It’s good stuff. I put a “thank you” link to your blog when I posted about it.